Welcome to SignalWatch 2.0!


Welcome to the brand-new new SignalWatch.com! This post is meant to inform you as to why we revamped the site, what to expect and how it will work.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ryan Belknap and many of you existing Nirvana customers will be familiar with my work on the previous iteration of SignalWatch along with my work in the Trading Lab, OmniTrader University, and other seminars/webinars. I have been with Nirvana Systems since 2012 with a focus on creating educational and market content, focusing on technical analysis.

I am very excited to be a part of this exciting new chapter of SignalWatch!

So, what is SignalWatch?

First, a small history lesson.

SignalWatch.com was originally launched back in the late 90’s. In 2014, SignalWatch received a makeover. That version, which we will call SignalWatch 1.0 (SW1) operated by analyzing every US Stock using our proprietary trading strategies each trading day. On the stocks that fit our strategies’ criteria, signals were generated.

Servers would then populate a list behind the scenes with hundreds of signals, which I would personally look at and select the best 30 signals. Out of those 30, I would then pick five stocks and write commentary. That information was valuable, but the site was limited in the kind of content one could create and SW1 had zero customization abilities.

There was also limited information on the strategies that fired the actual signals. We had a great start, but we needed to take the next step. That’s where SignalWatch 2.0 comes into play.

What you can expect from SignalWatch...


SignalWatch 2.0.

The initial step of the process remains the same. All the U.S. stocks will be processed by our servers and then I will go sift through all of the information and find the most intriguing signals of the bunch. Here’s where things get interesting. I will then focus on THREE signals, not 30, whittled down to five to write about. The content will also be in the form of the blog, thus allowing the SignalWatch content no limitations. This new process also allows us to change the site as needed, allowing the service to evolve and grow naturally.

The analysis of the three signals will be more in-depth and will also include information on how each strategy works and why it fired the signal. This information was previously not available but much needed.


Our servers still analyze the entire U.S. market and fire signals based on our proprietary strategies.

Another big change is that each post is archived. SW1 had no way to archive posts or picks so it was impossible to go back and see the previous day’s signals and to see how they played out. You will now have total access to those posts so you can see what worked and what didn’t. Thus, total transparency.

One thing to note about the posts; while there will be mention of some fundamental analysis and market moving events, we will be focusing on technical analysis in the posts. That only makes sense because that is what the strategies are looking for. Except for one, our strategies do not take fundamental analysis into account.

There will be other periodic educational posts written by myself and others that will be posted to SignalWatch. There is not a set interval for those posts but they will be published as often as possible.

The last big change is that SignalWatch is 100% free. You will never be charged even a single penny to view the information on SignalWatch.com once you become a member.

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What SignalWatch is not...

At Nirvana, we fully believe in transparency and accountability. Every day, we pride ourselves in delivering fresh, inspiring and responsible technical trading ideas and education. We are not market journalists, we are educators and innovators and we are not offering stock recommendations. We are providing information based on signals that our strategies fire. Authors do not have active positions in any stocks that are mentioned at the time of the posts. If there is ever a case where an author does hold a position, it will be explicitly stated in the post.

At the end of every post you will see this disclaimer: The products and demonstrations listed on this website are not recommendations to buy or sell, but rather guidelines to interpreting their respective analysis methods. This information should only be used by investors who are aware of the risks inherent in trading. Nirvana Systems shall have no liability for any investment decisions based on the use of their software, any trading strategies or any information provided through other services such as seminars, webinars, or content included in the SignalWatch website.

You will also never see any third-party information on our site. We do not allow outside companies to advertise on the sites so anything you see on SignalWatch.com is directly related to SignalWatch and Nirvana Systems.

As always, we will constantly strive to improve the site and our customer’s experiences, so we will make changes here and there. If you ever have any questions or concerns you are welcome and encouraged to contact us!

We are very excited about the future of SignalWatch and we sincerely thank you for taking this new journey with us.

About the Author Ryan Belknap

Ryan has been with Nirvana since 2012 and has been manning the trading desk since Day 1. He was one of the founding members of Nirvana's Trading Lab and also TraderSource.com along with Ryan Olson and Russell Casperson. Ryan logged more than 3,500 hours trading and educating live in the Lab. He is also the lead author of SignalWatch.com. Ryan is a seasoned educator and has conducted numerous educational webinars and is an OmniTrader University instructor. Ryan prefers swing trading and position trading. Outside of the market, Ryan has passions for the outdoors, baseball, exercise, coffee, pop-culture and spending time with his family.

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