Happy Wednesday ~

We have a few really good opportunities today for you.  Both are and pivotal points that could lead to very explosive moves over the next few weeks.

HAL – Halliburton

Halliburton spent most of 2017 in a spiral and December recouping all of the losses.  We have seen over the last few days price move up to a key resistance area.  Although the move has been very strong we are seeing signs that some weakness may be coming into play.  If the pullback continues we can look at the mid $50-52 range as a potential pullback.  We will monitor this very closely as price reacts to the resistance zone…



NRG – NRG Energy

NRG has a very exciting pattern forming now as we have seen a tight consolidation forming off prior resistance resistant.  I am showing quite a bit of weakness coming into the chart so we might see this break to the downside here very soon.

If this happens you will see his move back down in to the mid $24 range.

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