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Monday’s Mixed Bag with a Positive Outlook!

Today’s financial landscape is a mixed bag, with some positive news on the debt ceiling discussions and excitement around AI providing a boost. NVIDIA, a tech giant, recently announced new products, catapulting its valuation beyond the $1 trillion mark. However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, as it later saw a pullback, along with other tech […]

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Weekend Update

Market Update: Debt Ceiling Concerns and Tech Stocks’ Resilience Over the weekend, the financial markets displayed an unexpected calmness, despite the looming issue of the unresolved debt ceiling. Interestingly, big tech stocks continued to thrive, which begs the question – just how much liquidity is currently in the market? The S&P 500 (SPX) is currently sitting […]

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We’re Back!

  It has been too long my friends! So much has happened since our last posts, but don’t worry, everyone is back from the slew of vacations which prevented posting for a few weeks and we will be back in action starting this evening. We will also be instituting some new changes here in there, […]

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SignalWatch Improvements are Coming!

You all might recall that back when we rolled out SW 2.0 we made a statement about it getting updates and growing organically periodically. Well, I am happy to report that we have undergone our first review and a slew of new changes are coming to! We receive lots of questions everyday about how […]

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Welcome to SignalWatch 2.0!

Welcome to the brand-new new! This post is meant to inform you as to why we revamped the site, what to expect and how it will work. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ryan Belknap and many of you existing Nirvana customers will be familiar with my work on the previous iteration […]

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How Artificial Intelligence Revolutionized Trading

  We are in an incredible time in trading history. Personal computers have become more powerful allowing advanced algorithms to process and analyze massive amounts of data. The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) into trading has exploded – allowing traders and trading companies to create systems and strategies that many only dreamed about just a […]

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Personality of Markets Theory

Personality of Markets Theory. The Personality of Markets Theory basically states that individual securities exhibit individual personalities. If you can pinpoint a security’s personality, and apply the right trading system for that personality, you can more accurately predict its next move and make more money. The easiest way to see how the Personality of Markets […]

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5 Tips to Swing Trade the Current Market

5 Pro Tips to Swing Trade the Current Market One great thing about swing trades is that they normally only last 1-3 days.  This in itself helps limit the amount of risk you are exposed to with any given trade. Let’s take a look at a few conditional tips that will help improve YOUR odds […]

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3 Reasons Expectancy Will Improve Your Trading

A Lesson in Expectancy. 3 reasons the Expectancy Will Improve Your Trading Right now, you may be pondering, “Just what exactly is Expectancy and why should I care about it?  How will it help me?”  Great questions both.  Before we dive into detail on Expectancy, let’s look at the underlying theory behind it. Twenty-five years […]

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