How SignalWatch Works

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It Starts with Great Strategies

It all starts with great Trading Strategies. Nirvana Systems, the creators of SignalWatch, has been creating award-winning trading strategies for over 30 years. Our strategies have helped traders consistently profit even in the most difficult of markets. SignalWatch subscribers have the advantage of getting great trading signals from over 90 of the best Trading Strategies available.

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How SignalWatch Works

Powered by the Best Trading Strategies

Trading Strategies

Trading Strategies signal to traders where stocks are likely to make a predictable move. A Trading Strategy is generally composed of sets of rules that identify the conditions that precede the expected move. Many Trading Strategies use price and volume data in order to determine when these optimal conditions are present, although some strategies may use fundamental data as well.

Great Signals are just the first and most important ingredient to success in the markets - we believe SignalWatch is the best tool to give traders the edge they are looking for.  - Ed Downs

Prime Candidates Delivered Daily

 Experience and Technology Combined to Find the Best Signals Everyday

At the end of each market day, SignalWatch begins analyzing over 9000 US stocks and ETFs. Each security is analyzed by dozens of proprietary trading strategies. The strategies evaluate the price and volume data of the security in order to determine if there is a good setup. When the strategy finds that a stock or ETF has a good setup and is poised to make a move, a signal is fired.

When the automated analysis is complete, we add another level of analysis to feature three of our top trades of the day. Our SignalWatch analysts have decades of combined experience, allowing them to consistently choose the trades that have the highest potential to result in a profit. These trades are emailed with the traders commentary highlighting why they were selected, as well as what to look for in the near future.


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