30 Years of Trading History

​​Nirvana Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Austin, Texas and is an award-winning developer of Automated Trading and Investment Management Solutions for individual investors, traders and money managers. Since its founding in 1987, Nirvana Systems has offered a wide variety of tools for the day, swing and position trading communities. Using the most advanced algorithmic data analysis methods, Nirvana's tools help any type of trader prosper in all market conditions.

Nirvana Systems products include the trading platforms; OmniTrader™, OmniVest™ and VisualTrader™, as well as Real-Time and End-of-Day market data services. In addition, Nirvana Systems provides customers with comprehensive training on trading methods, trading applications and trading strategies via its SignalWatch™ subscription service and website. To learn more about Nirvana, click here.

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Powered by OmniTrader

In late 1992, we started the OmniTrader Project. We began the task of creating a trading program with automated analysis, built-in portfolio, trading simulators, and fully-automated signals based on the "voting" ideas embedded in our Director utilities. Since its conception, OmniTrader has received state-of-the-art technical upgrades every single year that results in the most potent trading platform on the market.

A key component of OmniTrader’s original design was the Adaptive Reasoning Model, or ARM for short. The ARM approach is the method of adapting trading systems to markets, which is achieved in OmniTrader through the use of a back test on each trading system.

The benefit of this method is you never have to select which systems to apply – OmniTrader does it for you, automatically. We continue to get letters from customers who are amazed at how much it does, and how little we charge for it! To learn more about OmniTrader, click here.